Vertra Europe GmbH is becoming one of German's leading independent developers of wireless games.

we're committed to making mobile devices the leading platforms for games and animation by building great software that's available on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch as well as the Android system mobile.

What you'll see from us is a range of games, available at a range of prices from free to premium, that are fun, beautiful and amazing. We'll strive to raise the bar for gaming on the platform and our commitment to customers is that we'll always try to give you great games that showcase this amazing device in a broad range of categories.

The iPad can give you all the gaming goodness from arcade to adventure, from puzzle to platformer & from shooter to sudoku - but it can also give you games that you've never seen before - Alternate & augmented reality games, mobile social experiences, games that use multi-touch, accelerometers, gps, the camera, your media and your friends to bring you amazing new experiences.


More than 40 hot apps and games online in Apple App Store, over 2 million times download worldwide and beyond 80 countries its fans distributed, with many ranked in the top list of many countries, Vertra, is proud to bring happiness to your daily life.

On behalf of everyone at our company, thanks for visiting us - we're very excited about the games we have under development today and the games we'll build in the future.
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