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Join the amazing race to seek for the hidden treasures! Start your adventure in the miraculous continent where you can beat treasure hunters, knock out treasure keepers and experience the most astonishing treasure hunt! “Raiders of the Lost” is definitely going to blow off your mind! Do you have the speed and intelligence to beat the Four Ultimate Bosses? Are you ready for the extreme racing? Come on and fire up your engine! Flame up and make your way to the breathtaking treasures!
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Character: Aries, Sylph, Trojan Knight, Captain Cook and all the other legends are joining the great adventure with their exclusive items and talents. The coldblooded Ripper hidden in the hunted castle, the legendary Pirate King who was claimed to be unbeatable……All the treasures are guarded by a mighty treasure keeper and it is your destiny to knock them all out!

Operation: Take advantage of the gravity sensing and lead the race with skillful drifts. Bombs, missiles, banana peels, shields and all sorts of helpful items along the track will assist you to overtake your opponents. However, don’t underestimate your opponents for they have access to the items too! Always remember to not lose your guard!

Map: Treasures can be found in numerous marvelous locations. You may lose yourself in the snow-covered Forgotten Ice Land, the flower-blooming Wizard of Oz, the Stormy Desert, the Crystal Mine, the Hunted Castle, ……. Don’t get attracted to the marvelous sceneries and forget what you came here looking for!

Treasure: Gain tons of bonuses by leading races or knocking out treasure keepers! Make use of the gold coins to gear yourself up with the best equipments, unlock more legendary characters and exciting new maps!

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